8 Bit Halloween

by The Crazy Boy Floyds

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"It is well known that The Crazy Boy Floyds are obsessed with Halloween specifically and Classic Monsters in general. Indeed, all monsters and modes of costuming are fair game in terms of subject matter in this collection of audio works. But will there be time.... to stop them if we must..."

Col. Blake Klefton
Commanding Officer, United Nations CBF Task Force


released December 20, 2015


all rights reserved



The Crazy Boy Floyds Seattle, Washington

Scientists currently believe that The Crazy Boy Floyds are at least partially comprised of Michael Harris, Christopher Harris, Geoff Gibbs, dark matter, neutrinos, quarks, Robot Juice, and some sort of bioflavonoid (potentially rose hips).

Generally, they are considered to create 8bit inspired music.

Side effects may include:
- Sidewalk butter
- Spastic Dancing
- Repeal of the Laws of Nature
... more

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Track Name: Dead Werewolf Skeleton

A survey was taken
And it was decided
A vote would be taken
And it would decide

What to do with the skeleton
Dead werewolf skeleton
Come bak to life as
A skeleton man
An ex-werewolf skeleton
A once-werewolf skeleton
Come back to life as a skeleton man

No one knows where he came from
Or came back to life from
Or quite what he died from
Or any of those

Things that you know about
People you know, although
Someone might know him
But nobody knows

What to do with the skeleton
Dead werewolf skeleton
Come back to life as
A skeleton man

An unwanted felon, one
Dead werewolf skeleton
Saying, “I’m staying,
“I’m Skeleton Man.”

Walking down first street playing his rib cage
Walking down church street playing his skull
Walking down third street clicking his heel bones
Silver bullet in his eye

What became of the skeleton
Sideshow freak skeleton
Placed on display in the gelatin store?

Well his fangs went away
And our friend’s here to stay
He’s the indelible skeletal
Neighborhood skeleton grin man.
Track Name: Make The Grim Reaper Smile

Had an uncle who lived in a trailer
He survived his liver failure
Once I asked him how he ever got through
His stunt man days and the lava he fell into.

He smiled with his ancient face and said “Son,
“It’s a secret, it’s a secret to everyone.
“There’s a guy in black with a scythe who’ll hack
“Your soul, use my trick and don’t pay that toll.”

“Death’s coming for you.
“But here’s what you can do.”

“You can make the Grim Reaper smile
“You can push up his cheeks, you can tickle him ‘til you defile his style
“You can make him smile.
“And if you do, he won’t be coming for you for a while.”

“It’s not chess or a game where you guess
“It’s a simpler test, can you make him smile no or yes?
“If so you can go on living for that extra mile.
“You can make the Grim Reaper smile.”

On the day we bury my uncle
I have a doubt
That he was right
Though I know I’ll find out.

On the subway from the service
I noticed I’m followed
By a guy and I grow nervous
Cuz his eyes are hollow.

Hope he gets off at the next street.
Hope that thing’s for harvesting wheat.

He points and my heart stops beating.
I fall to my knees I’m frail.
He glares and my soul starts bleeding
From my body as my skin grows pale.

I’m caught in his dead expression.
I’ve grown too weak to shout.
I’ve learned my final lesson.
That evening I find out that

Every living person’s days are numbered.
Everybody takes a final breath.
We’re all heading for an endless slumber.
Everybody’s got a date with death

But you can make the Grim Reaper smile
You can push up his cheeks you can tickle him 'til you defile his style
You can put him on trial you can re-tune his dial
You can make the Grim Reaper smile

You can pull the Grim Reaper’s leg
You can pelt him with eggs.
Watch as the Grim Reaper begs

You can slap the Grim Reaper’s face
You can breathe in space
Steal his sickle and make him make chase

You can make the Grim Reaper dance
You can pull down his pants
Hurt his feelings with off-color chants

You can call the Grim Reaper names
You can walk through flames
Drink tsunamis and get with his dames

You can make the Grim Reaper twitch
You can make him your bitch
You can sell him to science, get rich

You can make the Grim Reaper cry
You can make him scream “Why?!”
When you step off a cliff you can fly

You can fly

You can make the Grim Reaper die.
Track Name: It's Great to be a Monster

It’s great to be a monster
A monster who eats people
They think they’ll pass by overhead
They wind up in my mouth instead

It’s great to be a monster
Leaving beneath the bridge
I’ve got human parts in my
Stolen fridge

Scientists try to prove me
I won’t let them prove a thing
I chomp off each finger
And spit out each ring

It’s great to be a monster
A monster who eats children
And old women as they quilt
Without a single ounce of guilt

It’s great to be a monster
Which no one can dispute
It’s great to be a monster
Or in my case
A man
In a monster suit
Track Name: Urban Beast

Mr. Jones had an apartment with a view perhaps of you
In this city full of secrets who can tell which ones are true?
Every morning busy people bustled by his boulevard
Through his window like a peephole he could watch them work hard.

Mr. Jones was tackled
By a guy dressed as a bear.
Now is he the guy
Who has to dress up like the bear?
Hunting round for people
So he can force them to wear
The thing he has to dress in
So he will look like a bear?

City lights flash for some reason
In each window someone’s sneezing
Something we all share
Of which we’re unaware.

In the marketplace I notice sitting on a manhole
Is a turtle people pass it but no one gives it regard
The man who claims to own it says he heard a fakey growling
And saw what he thought was a mascot though he did not look hard.

Is this a connection?
Is this man a lead?
Is he not at home because he’s hunting through the streets?
What would make him wander
And not take it off?
Why would anybody
Want to don the costume cloth?

Certain things in life are timeless
Certain cycles can’t be broken
If your’e just a myth
Then why do you exist?


Tromping routes defined
By those inside like Jones or Turtle Guy or
Who’s next? Who knows
One thing’s certain
These things in life are timeless
Something we all share
Of which we’re unaware
So beware the bear
Or else you’ll wear the bear.

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