25 Cents

by The Crazy Boy Floyds

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"In the distant past, one could travel to an "arcade" to play "arcade style video games" which cost one US quarter- 25 Cents. This collection of music by The Crazy Boy Floyds celebrates that time, and celebrates classic video games in general, and the nostalgia of childhood play - though at times it is unclear how."

-- Generald Teesdale, Ph.D
Research Professor, Center for CBF Outbreak Response and Control


released December 20, 2015


all rights reserved



The Crazy Boy Floyds Seattle, Washington

Scientists currently believe that The Crazy Boy Floyds are at least partially comprised of Michael Harris, Christopher Harris, Geoff Gibbs, dark matter, neutrinos, quarks, Robot Juice, and some sort of bioflavonoid (potentially rose hips).

Generally, they are considered to create 8bit inspired music.

Side effects may include:
- Sidewalk butter
- Spastic Dancing
- Repeal of the Laws of Nature
... more

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Track Name: MegaGlimmer Island VidCrush

Oblong hills past the sky-blue sea
Zoom back past the pastel boarders
Through the city's rounded corners
Focus through the roof
Of the jet-pack factory
My customized eye test is done
But I'm still locked on someone

How I long to hop from this tower
Through the roof to her arms

We can leave this
Booming bustling
Hardhat gizmo glimmer town

Fall in love in
Express our hearts in text-windows


I cannot I was built for a purpose
As the evil army marches in
I'll think of her in my top notch save slot
As the battle rounds begin

Through the roof amid worried workers
Her and I hop away

Run around the endless scenes
As the sunny background scrolls
Swim in sunken towns with otters
Under polygonal waters

Time our jumps from fish to fish
Leaping from bottomless holes
Slide past winking clouds on pretty
Rainbows far form Glimmer City

Where all cheer for my unveiled statue
As the victory flag waves
I'll strain to hear her familiar heartbeat
Through the fireworks display

I'll hold hopes for her embraces
As long as the hills have faces
Track Name: My Control Pad

Would grin in their masks and
Their honeybees would carry me UP to his steel hands
UP and we’d jump through the cool August sky
The world was the view seen by diving red barons and I

Knew what it did when I opened up the box lid
Didn’t even plug it in to play
Soon DOWN the gravelly road I’d run
Knowing by the pond was a waiting someone

And that beekeepers
Would grin in their masks and
Honeybees would carry me into his waiting hands
DOWN and we’d bound over grass growing high
And leap over fences that spread out for acres and

I wish I still had that control pad
I wish I still had that control pad

LEFT and he went RIGHT
And he went LEFT if you moved RIGHT
That way if someone stole it they could never understand
Sometimes I’d confuse it for the other one but use it
Sometimes I would say that I could just say my command

And the beekeepers
Would grin in their masks and
Honeybees would carry me into his waiting hands
B and his three mini missiles would fly
And pop on the fence posts and scatter the hornets and

Sometimes I still used it for its factory made function
Didn’t want to see the Blue Max crash or give Bub a concussion
And it always worked despite the sight of mud and grass stains clinging tight
And a sticker so you’d know if he was friend or he was foe

Would grin in their masks and
Honeybees would carry me into his waiting hands
A and we’d wave as balloonists blew by
And swat at mosquitoes that came out at twilight

Would grin in their masks and
Honeybees would carry me into his waiting hands
START and his heart and the lights in his eyes
Would rev up so strong now those summers are gone and I wish I still had that control pad.
Track Name: We Are Born

We are born
And we wait
For the world to show us
Something great

Right away
We’re immersed
In a mad display
Of color bursts

Unabridged imagination
Is the one tool we possess
To provide an ascertation
To this contradicting mess

Where every Gumby is a Gumby until you see it by a T Rex
And though
Pillows make a fortress with a flashlight and some blankets
Vitamins and Band-Aids cure all woes

Scientists confirm its true
Everything has gone awry
Fairy tales have all come true
All you own has come alive

Want to survive?
You must think back to a time
When Han Solo walked on water
With his daughter G.I. Joe
And the part you keep repeating
Is the most exciting scene
Only grown ups care about the stuff
That happens in between

I want to go outside
I want to go on a ride
I want to feed my virtual pet
I want to feed my virtual pet

Hop into my car
It’ll turn into a robot
And we’ll shoot and never hit things
With our too-big guns
You’re invited to the wedding
But the groom is wearing foil
Lava monsters boil
Under swingsets

Scientists confirm its true
Everything is as it was
Fairy tales are at an end
All you own is no longer your friend
Track Name: Lazerbeak

The tears the boy cried when his toy fell down and broke a wheel
Were so intense his mother feared he thought his toys were real
So she called the Hasbro offices, arranged to meet that week
Where they showed the boy no toy is real

Except for Lazerbeak

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