The Crazy Boy Floyds

by The Crazy Boy Floyds

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"This collection of music by The Crazy Boy Floyds is for the strange music that doesn't fit in with their common themes. Much like the Island of Misfit Toys, the songs gravitate toward this "minus world" lacking any clear definition. Also, much like the toys on the Island of Misfit Toys, there's actually nothing wrong with the songs."

Dr. Daniel Poddleoppoly, Ph.D
Sr. Research Director, Institute for CBF Based Sciences


released December 20, 2015


all rights reserved



The Crazy Boy Floyds Seattle, Washington

Scientists currently believe that The Crazy Boy Floyds are at least partially comprised of Michael Harris, Christopher Harris, Geoff Gibbs, dark matter, neutrinos, quarks, Robot Juice, and some sort of bioflavonoid (potentially rose hips).

Generally, they are considered to create 8bit inspired music.

Side effects may include:
- Sidewalk butter
- Spastic Dancing
- Repeal of the Laws of Nature
... more

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Track Name: The Crazy Boy Floyds

My job takes me to all places
I get all kinds of cases
But probably the worst would be

The Crazy Boy Floyds
Each Floyd more crazy and more schizoid
Than the other Floyds maybe
We can stop them with means we still haven’t deployed

Like an atom bomb
The Crazy Boy Floyds

Bullets bounce off their mad gyrations
Landmarks tumble in all situations
Madcap deities who break through the walls
Appear in all the world’s religions could they all

Be the Crazy Boy Floyds?
Each less predictable and more schizoid
Than the other Floyds I hope we will
Stop them through means that we haven’t deployed

Like an atom bomb
Or a man-sized gun

Watching every movie frame in random order is the same as watching them move
If they ever got together all sense would cease forever

I’ve seen the Hideons and Howdy Town
The bullet that will not slow down
But probably the worst would be

The Crazy Boy Floyds
Each Floyd more dangerous and more schizoid
Than the other Floyds pray for us
So we can stop them and make them destroyed

With an atom bomb
Or a man-sized gun
Or an act of God.

The Crazy Boy Floyds.
Track Name: The Bullet That Never Slows Down

Through the eye of the monumented soldier
From the mouth of the exit of the drain pipe
Out the cave to the grave in the graveyard
By the grave guard putting hours on his punch card

There’s a trail marked with wounded souls and wall-holes
Stretching out through the seven seas and both poles
Past the car where we are in the car lot
When it went by

And if you had slowed down the scene
Maybe then you would have seen it

The bullet that never slows down

Forged when over forty shots
Collided in a single dot
Now it flies around the world
Never pausing, never stopped

It punctures through or ricochets
From any object in its way
No government can fight it
No magician dares to bite it from the sky

Bullet that never slows down

People say they can see it in a mirror
Claim to hear if it’s far or if it’s nearer
Start a store at the core of the cornfield
By the torn shield which stopped the bullet that would not yield

But I know as I sat there in the car lot
Came a hole with no origin or gunshot
Now I chase round the world for each trace
Of where it’s gone by

Where if you had slowed down the scene
Maybe there you would have seen it

Scientists say it’s just a matter of days
Before it comes down to the ground

But the

Bullet can never slow down
Bullet that never slows down

From the guns that were never meant to go off
In that hands of the men who liked to show off

Came the bullet that could never slow
Could never slow, never slow down
Track Name: Sheep World

Every morning when I wake up
I’m supposed to count my sheep
But I can’t seem to get past twenty
Without falling fast asleep

That’s why I’ve got this new system
I’ll say letters, not each number
That way I’ll say “T” at twenty
Never doze off, never slumber

Now I'm flying on a carpet
To a castle in the sky
With a fairy who is married
To an unimportant guy

Now I wake up underwater
Bob my head, I’m in a creek
Wonder where my flock has gone to
Just like every day this week

Find them grazing five miles westward
Have to check if some are lost out
In the field my heavy eyelids
Can’t be shut or total’s tossed out

But they’re like a thousand pillows
Meadow’s like a giant quilt
Now they're jumping over fences
As my dream-bottle is spilt
Track Name: I Just Want My Pants Back

I have got a problem
I have got to say
I just want my pants back

You took them from me illegally
And now I’m expecting company

I just want my pants back today.

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